Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing is the oldest marketing platform in online marketing. The first marketing e-mail was sent in year 1994. Since then, after almost 2 decades, it remains one of the best marketing platform when it comes to communication and sales conversion.

At DSIM, you will be learning various techniques of email marketing and how to overcome the major challenge most marketers face, i.e., reaching the inbox of the customer and hence realize the true potential of email marketing.

Email Marketing
Training Process

 Step 1
Understanding e-mail marketing and it�s importance
Step 2
Understand how emails and web servers work
Step 3
Different types of methods to do e-mail marketing
Step 4
Using tools to create e-mailers
Step 5
Do�s and Don�ts of email marketing
Step 6
The expert trainers at DSIM will share some best performing e-mail methods and tools known to very few experts worldwide that guarantee results.

What is email marketing?

How email works?

Challenges faced in sending bulk emails

How to overcome these challenges?

Types of email marketing- Opt-in & bulk emailing

What is opt-in email marketing?

Setting up email marketing account

Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing

Setting up lists & web form

Creating a broadcast email

What are auto responders?

Setting up auto responders

How to do bulk emailing?

Best practices to send bulk emails

Tricks to land in inbox instead of spam folder

Top email marketing software’s & a glimpse of how to use them

Improving ROI with A/B testing

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