Digital Marketing Overview

What it is?

In simple words digital marketing as its name signifies is marketing over the internet through various digital devices. Marketing all over the world is getting dependent on digital technology for reaching market segments, conducting market research through web analytics, managing content and so on no matter what industry it is.

As this dependence continues to grow, it is likely that new skill sets will take birth leading to the requirement of more marketing and technical knowledge among the professionals and finally more jobs.

What is
Digital Marketing Overview?


When all or some of the marketing activities like advertising, promotion, branding, creating utility, value proposition, etc. are done over the internet using digital devices like laptops, palmtops, tablets, etc., it is called Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing consists of a 6 step process �
1. Visibility
2. Bringing targeted traffic
3. Engagement
4. Lead Generation
5. Measurement
6. Retention


This being the first module in the training program, it emphasizes on building the basics of digital marketing starting from the scratch. This module will help you build strong fundamentals that would further help you in the advanced practical sessions.

What is marketing? What is digital marketing?

Understanding Marketing Process Why Digital Marketing wins over traditional Marketing?

Understanding Digital Marketing Process Increasing Visibility What is visibility?

Types of visibility Examples of visibility Visitors Engagement What is engagement?

Why it is important?

Examples of engagement Bringing Targeted Traffic

Inbound Outbound Converting Traffic into Leads Types of Conversion

Understanding Conversion Process Retention Why it is Important? Types of Retention

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