November 10, 2017

Building a Quality Email List

It’s logical to believe that the larger an email list is, the more profitable it will be. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, it’s best to focus on quality not just quantity. A small group of subscribers that are genuinely interested in your product will always be more valuable than 100 people that might buy a product someday.

That’s why you want to use specific tactics that attract quality subscribers. What are these tactics? Here’s a list of six ways you can grow your email list with valuable contacts:


Add a sign up form to your website

If a visitor checks out your site, it’s a pretty clear sign that he or she is into your business. Give visitors a chance to engage with your company by adding a sign up form to your website.

Give visitors a reason to sign up. Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter, or receive weekly offers. Follow that up with a short form that asks visitors for their name and email address.

Campaign Monitor makes this process simple with sign up forms that you can add to your site. The email addresses that you collect  through the forms will automatically be added to your mailing list in your account. Here’s a how to create the email sign up form and set it up on your website.


Add a ‘signup’ button to your website

In addition to a form, why not add a sign up button to your website too? You can add a small ‘Subscribe’ button to your list of social icons. It’s another cool Campaign Monitor feature that helps website visitors find their way to your contact list.

Here’s what the button looks like:


When the button is clicked, a small form pops up center-screen and asks for the subscriber’s name and an email address. Again, the information goes right into your mailing list in your Campaign Monitor account.


Add a pop up to your site

You can prompt website visitors to join your email list by adding a Scroll Box. Once a visitor scrolls through a certain amount of your website, a pop up will appear asking he or she to join your email list.

Scroll Box is integrated with Campaign Monitor, so of course, your new contacts will roll right into your mailing list in your account. Here’s how Scroll Box works.


Add a subscribe form to your Facebook page

Just as you use your website to promote your Facebook page, you can use your Facebook page to promote joining your email list. How? By adding a subscribe form to your Facebook page. It’s a simple set-up process, just follow the instructions on the Campaign Monitor website.

SXSW uses this on their Facebook page to encourage their social fans to subscribe to their mailing list.